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So often I find myself carrying Hazeline through a store or restaurant to the bathroom for a diaper change.  It always goes the same way: I’m trying to corral or carry her with one hand, while holding my diaper changing supplies in the other, and without fail, I manage to drop either the diapers or the wipes.  Then everyone in the nearby proximity freaks out because the sight of a perfectly clean, unused diaper on the floor is unsettling…apparently.  As the people nervously look away, I struggle to keep a toddler balanced on my hip (or from running away if I’m holding her hand) while leaning over to pick up what I dropped.  Every time this happens I think to myself, “There has to be a better way.”  Sure, I could carry the entire diaper bag with me, but who wants to do that for a simple change?  I mean maybe for one of those “emergency situations”, but the average change?  I’ll just carry what I need, thanks.  Besides, with two kids and all their stuff, that diaper bag can get pretty heavy.  This is the precise reason why I just about jumped out of my skin with excitement when I found Stylin’ N Profilin’.

Stylin’ N Profilin’ specializes in stylish, personalized boutique wipes cases for moms on the go.  Like this one:Talk about something you’ll be happy to carry across a restaurant/store for a diaper change!  Or at least I am, because that one’s mine.  And even better:

You have the option of adding an elastic strap (black or white) on the back of the case to hold a diaper.  No more diapers falling on the ground as I’m struggling to make our way to the changing station!  No more nervous, awkward stares from strangers.  I’m in love.  It helps that it fits perfectly in our diaper bag and is always easy to find:

And they come in so many different patterns.

But that’s just a small sample, because there are over 125 fabrics for you to choose from, and so many coordinating trim options.  Each one is handmade and slightly padded on each side, so the case sleek and sure to fit in any diaper bag.  Like mine, they can be personalized with the baby’s name or nickname in any one of 20 different fonts.  All cases are then wrapped up and sent ready for baby shower gift giving or that stylish on-the-go mom that seems to have everything (or maybe just that perfect gift for yourself?).

But maybe you want something a little bigger?  How about this full size wipes tub:Have twins?  Stylin’ N Profilin’ has you covered with coordinating sets!

But it’s not just wipes cases.  How adorable are these pacifier clips?  Hazeline doesn’t use a pacifier, but this would really come in handy for toys and teethers, because God knows we lose so many of those…They’re made from high quality Grosgrain ribbon and a lead-free suspender clip, so they are sure to keep your pacifiers from flying.  There’s even an option if you are using soothie style pacifiers, which is great, because those can be so hard to find.

Want a wipes case, pacifier clip, or wipes tub of your very own?  Have a friend who just had a baby?  Need a baby shower gift?  Well this is your lucky day because Abby from Stylin’ N Profilin’ has graciously offered a $20 gift certificate to her shop.  And since today is her shop’s one year anniversary, she’s offering a 10% coupon code to all DWM readers good through June 15, 2012!  Just enter the code “DIARY” and checkout and you’ll get the discount!  Have I mentioned that I love discounts?  ‘Cause I do.

Good luck everyone!
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