Philips Avent Toddler Cups: A Cup for Every Age & Stage

A special thank you to my friends at Philips Avent for providing me with the toddler cups pictured below.

My house has been baby bottle-free for nearly 3 full months.  Even I can’t believe it.  Better yet, the transition to sippy cups was nearly seamless.  Like, not one single issue.  No incessant crying for the bottle.  No refusing the sippy cup out of sheer spite.  Not even a tantrum.  Seamless.  And oh-so-different than when I transitioned the girls…that wasn’t pretty.

Want to know how I did it?  Philip’s Avent’s new range of toddler cups!Philips AVENT Toddler Cups A Cup for Every Age & Stage

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a Philips Avent mom.  This time around I used Avent bottles, pacifiers, and the Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump, and in the past I’ve used Avent baby monitors and soothers.  I find Avent products to be simple to use, easy clean, and I stand by my assertion that my Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump helped me more milk than with any other breast pump I’ve ever used.   So as I began to think about transitioning Everett from bottles to sippy cups, it seemed only natural to reach out to my friends at Philips Avent and see what they might have that could help.  And as luck would have it, they have a brand new line of toddler cups, each designed to foster a new level of drinking independence.

The Philips Avent Toddler Cup range is a staged process, which can start as early as 4 months and go until 2 or 3 years old when your child can handle a traditional cup.  There’s a cup for every stage and each cup builds new skills, while addressing issues that tend to arise during specific stages of development.  You can move as quickly as you’d like through the stages, or a bit slower if you have a baby that takes a little longer to get the hang of it.Philips Avent Cup Collage

The Stage 1 My Trainer Cups combine the bottle and sippy cup into one…this is sheer genius if you ask me.  Ideal for babies 4 months and up, this cup comes with a Classic or Natural silicone nipple and a soft spout.  It’s a bottle when the nipple is on and a sippy when the spout is used, so you can get twice the use out of it.  And the detachable handles make it easy for babies to hold their own sippy cup when they’re ready.  This cup allows you to introduce the sippy cup early, but it’s an easy first step.  No initial shock of just handing a child sippy cup and assuming they’ll figure it out the way so many parents (including myself) do with their babies when they turn 4-6 months.  Instead you hand them a shape and nipple that they’re used to, and then gradually add handles and the spout when they demonstrate readiness.

Once your baby has mastered the Philips Avent My Trainer Cup, they’re ready to move on to Stage 2 and the the My Easy Sippy Spout Cups and My Penguin Sippy Cups.  For kids that are ready to graduate from My Trainer Cup, but aren’t quite ready to move to a hard spout cup just yet, The My Easy Sippy Spout Cups offer a soft spout solution, while the Penguin Sippy Cup line offers both hard and soft spout solutions.  Regardless which you select, they’re BPA free and offer 100% leak-free drinking, thanks to the built in valve.  And the spout is angled, ensuring that your baby learns to drink the right way – without leaning back too much – right from the start.Philips AVENT Penguin Spout CupDid I mention that the penguins and other cute patterns make this stage a little more than adorable?  ‘Cause they do.  They really do.

Stage 3 offers your toddler the opportunity to start drinking from a straw with the Philips Avent My Twist n’ Sip Straw Cup.  The valve integrated in the soft silicone straw, ensures a spill-free and leak-free drinking experience, while the unique twist top design ensures that the straw stays clean while on-the-go or not in use.   And because this can be the stage where kids start filling up on liquids instead of eating food, there’s a measurement guide on the side of the cup so you can make sure that your little one is getting the right amount of fluid each day.

Right now, we go back and forth between Stages 2 and 3, but once Everett’s ready, we’ll transition to the Stage 4 Philips Avent My Natural Drinking Cup and Grown Up Cup (you might remember me reviewing the Natural Drinking Cup a while back with Hazeline).  Everett’s not quite there yet, but this cup allows toddlers to sip from the rim, like a traditional cup, but reduces the possibility of spills with the help of an internal leak-proof valve.  It will give him the feeling of being “big” – just like his sisters – without me having the feeling that my floors are going to be covered in his drink at any minute.

So while a little part of me wants to cry that my baby – my last baby – is off of bottles, I love that it was an easy transition.  And that’s mostly thanks to the Philips Avent Toddler Cup range!Philips Avent Baby & Toddler Cups

If you’re currently transitioning to the sippy cup, my advice to you would be to start early and try Philips Avent Toddler Cups in each of the stages.  You can find them on the Philips Avent website,, and a few of them in Walmart stores!

Win a $15 Amazon Gift Card in the Welcome Winter Giveaway Hop!

Welcome Winter HopWelcome to my very first giveaway of 2015 – The Welcome Winter Giveaway Hop hosted by The Review Wire!  And I can think of no better way to welcome winter than to giveaway a $15 Amazon Gift Card…that way you can purchase whatever you would like to welcome winter.  Mittens?  A sled?  Furry slippers?  Doesn’t matter what it is, this gift card can help you buy it!  Enter using the rafflecopter form below and it could be yours.  Good luck everyone!
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Working Mom Lunch Solutions from Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveLunchIn #CollectiveBiasWorking Mom Lunch Solutions from Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups

I became a lawyer to help people.  Now, if you’re snickering under your breath as you read that, well, I don’t blame you.  Lawyer jokes?  Trust me, I’ve heard them all.  Heckling due to my chosen profession?  It’s happened.  Actually, it’s happened more than once, to the point where I sometimes don’t tell people what I do.  And in all fairness, there quite a few lawyers out there that give us a bad name, but honestly and truly, helping people is why I went to law school.  Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups Law School Graduation

Of course, there were moments when I dreamed of being an attorney at a big name firm with an expense account to match…and I even came close once – working for large corporations and insurance companies, flying across the country for lunch or dinner (often on only a few hours notice), and some decent size bonuses – but when it came down to it, working for corporations wasn’t where I wanted to be.  And after a few years of working for companies after law school, I found a job representing people.

The problem with working for people, is that there are a lot more of them than there are of me, and each one has a very specific situation that I need to remember on little or no notice.  This is what my desk currently looks like:Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups Desk

You want to know the worst part?  I cleaned up a little for taking that picture.  Because I couldn’t possibly show you what it looked like without cleaning up a little.  I just couldn’t.

Each of those files and pieces of paper represents a person.  Someone who may live down the street or clear across the country (or the world) who I represent.  Needless to say, I keep pretty busy when I’m at the office.  So busy that I often have to eat lunch at my desk or at my laptop on the rare occasions when I work from home.  There have even been a few times where I look up at the clock and realize that it’s 3:00pm and I missed lunch altogether.  For those occasions, I’m thrilled that I keep Cambpell’s Slow Kettle Soups in my desk.  Because the only thing worse than figuring that you’ve missed lunch, is realizing that you need to go out and get something to eat.  That trip is easily 20-30 and ends with drive thru food that I often don’t even want.

Ready in just 3 minutes, Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups make the perfect lunch solution.  Although stove top is the recommended heating method, they can be microwaved in the bowl that they come in with just a little bit of plastic wrap on the top (or paper towel when I’m in a pinch), and with flavors like Tuscan-Syle Chicken & White Bean Soup, Fiesta Chicken Lime Tortilla, Texas-Style Angus Beef Chili, and Roasted Chicken Chardonnay, there’s a flavor for each day of my work week.Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups Roasted Chicken Noodle

Of course, if I’m being honest, I do have a favorite…the Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup.  Mmmm.  Full of large, corkscrew noodles and tons of carrots (my favorite!), it’s a hearty meal all by itself.Campbell's Slow Kettle Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup

And just enough to fill me up quick so I can get back to that huge mess on my desk.  No doubt it’s doubled (tripled?) since I started writing this post.

So if you’re looking for an easy lunch solution for your busy days at the office or at home make sure you look for Campbell Slow Kettle Soups in the soup aisle at Walmart.  And be sure to print this Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soups coupon to save a little money in the process!Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups Aisle

Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna: Designed to Amaze! {+ Giveaway!}

Disclosure:  I participated in a campaign on behalf of Influence Central for Cirque du Soleil. I received tickets to Amaluna to facilitate my post as well as a promotional item to thank me for participating.”Amaluna Image

Last year, we were driving past Sun Life Stadium in Miami when we noticed a large, colorful tent in the parking lot.  My husband and I wondered what it could be and said we’d look into it when we got home, but ended up forgetting.  A few weeks later we were talking with some friends who had just seen a Cirque du Soleil show…in a tent near Sun Life Stadium.  Suddenly, it all made sense.  Having always wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show, I immediately went looking for tickets, but by that point it was too late.  We had missed the show.

So when I heard that Cirque du Soleil was coming back to Miami this December through January with a show titled “Amaluna”, there was no way that we were going to miss it.Cirque du Soleil Amaluna Set

And sure enough, we were there opening weekend.

Based loosely on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna follows a young couple through the trials and tribulations of their relationship.   The young couple meets when the queen, Prospera, creates a storm which causes several young men to wash ashore on the mystical island where Prospera rules, aptly named Amaluna.  Prospera’s daughter and a brave young suitor instantly fall in love, but they have obstacles that they must overcome.  Carefully woven into the story line are amazing acrobatics and balancing acts that will have you holding your breath.Amaluna-Cirque-du-Soleil-Water-Bowl

From the second we walked into the tent, we knew we were in for a great show…because this is no ordinary tent.  Instead, this tent is complete with a full bar, flat screen tvs, strings of white lights, concession stands, backgrounds for photo opportunities, and even an Amaluna themed chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  Cirque du Soleil Amaluna ChandelierAnd it only took 2 steps into the theater to know that there isn’t a bad seat in the entire place.  Complete with a rotating stage and a bit of the production taking place above and in front of the stage, even the seats in the back have a great view.  While I was a huge fan of the water bowl acts at center stage, my girls much preferred the acts that happened high in the air on the hoop and trapeze.

And for those of you who are like me and might worry about bringing kids to this type of show, have no fear.  There were tons of kids at our show, with several of them being infants on their parent’s laps.  The story might be a little harder to follow for the little ones, but the brightly colored costumes and acrobatics are sure to capture their attention.  My kids were absolutely memorized…yes, even my 1-year-old!  This is truly a show that the entire family can enjoy!
Cirque du Soleil Amaluna FinaleBut don’t be like me last year and wait to look into this great show because it’s only in Miami until January 25th!  And there are still some great ticket prices available!

Want to see Amaluna?  Or any Cirque du Soleil show?  Great, because I’m giving away a $50 Cirque du Soleil gift card to one lucky reader!  This gift card can be used towards any Cirque du Soleil show in any state.  Enter using the rafflecopter form below and it could be yours!  Good luck everyone!
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Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole (& a giveaway from Betty Crocker Potatoes!)

Disclosure: Many thanks to Betty Crocker™ for sponsoring this post.  The information, products, and Betty Crocker™ Potato gift cards were provided by Betty Crocker™ through Linqia.Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole

Over the weekend we had a small holiday gathering at our house.  Well, it started out small.  But as things tend to happen, the gathering grew.  And grew.  And grew.  And before I knew it, there were going to be 20 people at my house on a Saturday night.  Santa was scheduled for a visit later in the evening and my neighbor planned a fire pit to make s’mores.  Everything was under control until 2 days before the party when I looked at my husband, startled and said, “What are we going to feed everyone?!”.  Lots of people had offered to bring a dish or desert – and we had taken them up on it – but other than that, I had no plan.

So it was time to get one.

I took a survey of the ingredients we had in the house and hit the internet looking for a meal that could feed everyone and wouldn’t be too hard to make.  Since casseroles are my new thing, I immediately gravitated towards this Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole using Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes.  It looked perfect.  Big enough to serve a lot of people, with a great flavor and a little bit of a kick.  Because I didn’t want to serve something boring at our party.

At the end of the night, my husband and I reflected on a fun night with our friends and decided to make it a holiday tradition.  And based on how little was left of this wildly popular casserole, I think it’s going to be a holiday tradition as well!

Betty Crocker Buffalo Chicken Casserole

You will need:
2 boxes Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes (you can save 50 cents using this coupon!)
4 cups boiling water
1 1/3 cups 2 % milk
1 pkg cream cheese, softened (8 oz)
2 cups cooked chicken, cubed
1/4 cup buffalo wing sauce (plus a little extra to drizzle on top, if desired)
1 1/2 cups plain Panko breadcrumbs
2 tablespoons butter
Bleu cheese dressing or crumbles (optional)

Step 1 - Preheat oven to 375.  Spray a 13×9 baking dish (glass) with cooking spray.

Step 2 - Put potatoes, water, and milk in a large sauce pan.  Heat to boiling, but watch carefully so it doesn’t boil over (this happens quickly, so you really have to watch!).  Once boiling, reduce heat and cover for 15 minutes, stirring frequently.

Step 3 - While your potatoes are cooking on the stove top, melt the butter in a large skillet.  When butter is melted, add breadcrumbs and

Tip:  My heat was WAY too high when I did this.  Make sure you have your heat down at low or low-medium for this step or you might burn your breadcrumbs.

Step 4 - Remove cover from the sauce pan and stir in the cream cheese, chicken, and buffalo wing sauce.  Once well combine, transfer it to the baking dish and bake for 12-15 minutes, or until you start to see bubbling around the edges.

Step 5 - Remove from oven and allow to cool.  Sauce will thicken when it cools.  Enjoy!Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole SlicedWould you like to #GetYourBettyOn with some Betty Crocker Potatoes?  Great, because one lucky reader is going to receive a $15 gift card to create their own Betty Crocker potatoes.  Enter using the rafflecopter form below and it could be YOU!  Good luck everyone!
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Stay Home and Win in the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Hop!

HomefortheHolidaysGHImageWelcome to the Home for the Holidays Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!

We are right in the middle of the Holiday Season, stockings are hung by the Fireplace, the smell of an Evergreen fills your Home… I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers that want to fill your home with even more! The Home for the Holidays Giveaways are all centered around the perfect products for your home – whether it’s decorative gifts or appliances, each blogger has something for your home! Don’t miss the amazing Grand Prize for this Event – a $150 Gift Card to The Ultimate Green Storeenter here.

homefortheholidaysGHFor this giveaway, one lucky winner is going to win a fabulous new Hansgrohe Raindance Select S 120 hand shower!  Valued at approximately $90, this easy to install, chrome handshower comes with 3 different settings, making it perfect for the whole family.  And to top it all off, it even has a self-cleaning feature, so while you may have to spend time scrubbing the tub before guests come over for the holidays, the shower won’t be a problem!Hansgrohe Raindance Select S 120

Be sure to enter using the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.  Good luck everyone!
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And now that you’ve entered my giveaway, don’t forget to stop by and enter with all the other participating blogs!  Happy Holidays! So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Home for the Holidays participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

The Ultimate Husband Gift: Fellowes Powershred M-12C

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Fellowes Brands. I received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”  #IC #GiftFellowes #Sponsored

Like so many other bloggers, I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together the perfect holiday gift guide.  Because when it comes down to it, I love to shop and I especially love shopping for others.  So putting together a gift guide of things that other moms and their kids might like just made sense.  Those are the areas I know best.

But shopping for my husband?  Not so much.

Every year, I’m stumped when it comes to his gift.  Simply put, he has everything.  Absolutely everything.  And in the event that he doesn’t have it, he just goes out and buys it himself.  So year after year, I struggle when it comes to his gift.  For that reason, I didn’t even want to consider a holiday gift guide for dads.  What would I put on it?

And then I met the Fellowes Powershred M-12C Shredder.  It’s the ultimate gift for the person who has everything…especially the dad in your life.Fellowes Powershred M-12C

I was originally drawn to the Fellowes brand because we have a few other Fellowes products and we’ve been so very happy with them.  But was sold when I saw that it cross-cuts 12 sheets of paper into 302 particles per sheet.  That’s particularly important for people who are worried about protecting their identity…which should be everyone nowadays.  But it doesn’t stop at paper.  The Fellowes Powershred M-12C can shred through credit cards, paper clips, staples, and all sorts of other things that typically stop other shredders in their tracks.  But not to worry, because the SafeSense Technology will automatically disable if a little hand – or any hand – should touch to top of the shredder.  If left uninterrupted, it will shred for 5 continuous minutes and then automatically cool down.  And once you’re done shredding (or you get the notification that the shredder’s bin is full), simply pull out the bin, empty it, and then put it right back in place.Fellowes PowershredSince we’ll be traveling this holiday season, I decided to give my husband his gift a little early and he’s really been impressed with it so far.  It shreds extremely fast.  In fact, it was hard to get a picture of it shredding because of just how fast it shreds.  It shreds quietly and is completely silent when it’s plugged in but not being used.

Fellowes Powershred M-12C Shredding

But in all reality, my husband just started using his Fellowes Powershred.  I’ll update you once he’s gotten a chance to use all it’s unique features!

In the mean time, learn more about the Fellowes Powershred M-12C by visiting their website or stop by your local Target where they retail for $99.  And be sure to keep up with Fellowes on Facebook and Twitter for product updates!

Happiness is a New SUSU Handbag

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with SUSU Handbags and eAccountable. All opinions are my own.

I have a slight addiction when it comes to handbags.  I love them.  And, despite my husband’s protests to the contrary, I can never have too many.  So imagine how excited I was when this gorgeous SUSU Handbag arrived on my doorstep.SUSU Handbag Out. Of. My. Mind. Excited.

In case you’re not familar, that’s a SUSU Melissa Saffiano Leather Dome Satchel in Aqua Sea.  And it was a bag that I’d had my eye on for quite a while.  The outside is high-quality 100% Saffiano Leather, while the inside is cotton lined with 2 cell phone pockets (which allows it to fit any type of phone you may carry) and 1 zippered pocket.  The bright purple interior is eye catching in and of itself.SUSU Handbag InsideThe simple silver hardware is both fun and practical.  In addition to the hardware on the front of the bag, there are also small pedestal feet on the bottom of the bag, so in the event that you unknowingly put your bag down in spill or other not so desirable substance on a floor or tabletop, your bag won’t be damaged.  And although it comes with an optional, attachable cross-body strap, I much prefer to carry mine by the handles.SUSU Aqua HandbagThat is, when my kids aren’t trying to steal it.

To say that I’ve loved this bag since the day it arrived would be an understatement.  Because I loved it way before that…when I was hunting it online.  Honestly, it was the color that originally drew me in, but there’s so much more to love about this bag – the white accent piping around the edge of the bag, the pop of color it adds to just about any outfit, and the two zippers, allowing it to be closed from either side, all top my list.  And I simply adore how much it can hold.  My wallet, keys, checkbook, phone, and lipstick all fit in this bag when I’m at work, easily holds much more if I’m out with the kids.  A pacifier, wipes, and even a change of clothes can all be added with plenty of room to spare.  It’s perfect for the professional mom.SUSU HandbagNow my only question is which one to get next.  Maybe this one for the spring?

That’s the Ludlow Saffiano Leather Tote Dark Dune.  Decisions, decisions…

If you’re looking for a new bag, you can find SUSU Handbag at specialty boutiques around the country, retailers specializing in luxury leather handbags, and online!  In fact, right now through December 18th, you can receive 40% off and free shipping on your very own SUSU Handbag by using the code “FREESHIPPING” (no need to use quotes, just the words in all capitals).  And don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter for additional savings!

Oh, and if you’d like the chance to win one, just fill out this entry form!  Giveaway ends 12/31! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a Mommy’s Bliss Prize Pack in the Pink & Blue Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to the “Pink&Blue: Babies are One” Giveaway Hop hosted by Heather from Mommy’s Favorite Things and Michelle from Mama’s Baby Cupcakes. Last December we celebrated the birth of Michelle’s daughter and Heather’s son, and now they’re turning ONE! In honor of their birthdays, this hop has a toddler theme, which means anything family friendly is up for grabs for the kiddos 1-4yrs old! Each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner and after visiting my giveaway, make sure you use the linky below to take a look at the other blogs to see what they have to offer for you!
For this hop’s Grand Prize, Michelle has brought you three great sponsors. First up is Zoey’s Attic Personalized Shirts $35 gift card, and Erin offers a variety of items for special occasions and they can be personalized with names, dates, and other milestones. Next you have Halo Sleepsack and their Early Walker wearable blankets. They offer your child the warmth and security of a SleepSack as well as unique foot openings for more mobility when awake. Winner will receive two Early Walkers in boy/girl/neutral colors or prints. Last but not least is Combi USA and their High Chair. The five-position height adjustment allows your child to be positioned properly at any table and the three-position, one-hand-reclining seat will ensure that your child stays comfortable during meal time. It also folds for storage and comes in three colors. Winner gets to choose their favorite color choice!


Total Value for this Grand Prize is $269, so enter at Mama’s Baby Cupcakes!!


For this event, Mommy’s Bliss has offered to give one lucky reader a prize pack worth $25!  Fitting for a baby or toddler, Mommy’s Bliss body wash, massage cream, and slumber mist are made from naturally derived ingredients, placed in recycled and recycleable packaging, and are free of harsh chemicals and parabens.  They’re designed to be safe and natural for the little one in your life.  In addition to their bath time products, Mommy’s Bliss also makes Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea relief remedies, and gripe waters for the tiniest tummies.  If you’re looking for natural products that you can feel good using, you’re going to want to win this prize pack!Mommy's Bliss Massage Cream

Enter using the rafflecopter form below and it could be yours! Good luck everyone!

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And now that you’ve entered my giveaway, be sure to hop around to all the other participating bloggers…  

Disclosure:Mama’s Baby Cupcakes, Mommy’s Favorite Things and the “Pink&Blue: Babies are 1″ participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

Paper Pumpkin: Creativity Made Easier {Review & Giveaway}

Disclosure:  I was provided Paper Pumpkin kits to facilitate my review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you enjoy crafting, like I do, you know that there’s no worse feeling than sitting down to do a project only to find that you are missing one or more of the necessary supplies.  Because at that point, you’ve not only taken time to buy or round up the supplies (leaving a critical one behind in the process), but you’ve reserved the time in your already busy day.  Running to the craft store will take too long and substitutes often aren’t an option.  In the end, the project gets pushed off to another day, and then another, and then another…  Sometimes it won’t get done at all, because it’s hard to reserve time to be creative with all the other things going on in our busy, everyday lives.

Enter, Paper Pumpkin.Paper Pumpkin Boxes Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription service, designed for people who want to be creative, but who might not have the time to find something they want to make, shop for the supplies, and sit down to a detailed project.  Once a month, Paper Pumpkin will send you a little red box full of paper goodies, complete with instructions on how to make that month’s card, craft, gift tag, etc.  For added convenience, the paper is all measured and pre-cut, ink is provided, and adhesives are included, so all that is required is your time.  You can sign up for one month, three months, six months or twelve months with the option to cancel at anytime.  Don’t think you’ll have time to craft next month?  No problem.  You can skip it by logging in to your online account.  And since Paper Pumpkin selects your craft for the month, it’s a creative surprise at your doorstep each month, wrapped up like a present.Paper Pumpkin Open Paper Pumpkin was nice enough to send me 3 kits to try out, and sure enough, the arrival of those little red boxes really brightened my day.  I actually couldn’t wait to rip into them to see what what was inside.  Paper Pumpkin WelcomeAnd once I had the boxes opened, I couldn’t wait to get started.  The detailed instructions included in each kit were easy to follow and came with pictures of exactly how the item was supposed to look at each step.  There are even Paper Pumpkin videos online if you have problems with the written instructions.  Since I’m typically not a stamper or card maker, the online videos helped a ton (particularly when it came to stamping and making the stamp look faded, i.e. the confetti look on the thank you card pictured below).

Finishing an entire kit took me anywhere from an 1-2 hours, but again, I don’t typically make cards or stamp…I think someone who regularly does these things could finish the entire kit in an hour, maybe less.  It’s the perfect escape from reality, and you end up with a beautiful finished product that you can give to friends.Paper Pumpkin Wish Big CardThis thank you card from the Seriously Amazing kit is actually already out in the mail to a friend of mine who helped with the kids recently.  I think she’s going to love the unique closure of the envelope as much as I do:Paper Pumpkin You Are Seriously AmazingAnd the Halloween candy bags were absolutely adorable.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get them all made in time for Halloween this year, but I love having them in my crafting stash for next year:Paper Pumpkin Eat Something SweetIf you’re someone who likes to be creative or wants to dabble in being creative, but thinks they don’t have the time, Paper Pumpkin is for you!  You don’t need crafting experience or or a ton of time for these projects to come out perfect.  And at $19.95, Paper Pumpkin is an absolute steal.  You can make the entire kit at once or over time.  You can modify the projects as you want to or do them by the book.  It’s a handmade gift that’s easy to make and give.  And many of the cards are designed to apply to lots of different occasions, for example, the Wish Big collection had stamps for “you were here”, “on a star”, and “big” that could be placed under the word “WISH” and the Seriously Amazing kit had cards saying “Hello”, “Congratulations”, and “Thanks”, allowing them to be used for many different occasions throughout the year.

Of all the kits that I recieved, I think the Wish Big kit was my favorite.  I can’t wait to send some of these cards out! Paper Pumpkin Wish Card & Gift Box Want to get creative?  Great, because one lucky reader is going to win a Paper Pumpkin Wish Big kit!  Enter using the rafflecopter form below and it could be you! a Rafflecopter giveaway