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Word-ish Wednesday: Best Friends

When Greenleigh was first born, our dog Madison had a tough time adjusting.  We followed all the recommendations to ease the transition, but I think it was just too much of a change for poor Madison.  And it only got worse as Greenleigh grew into toddler-hood.  Don’t get me wrong, Madison has always been very gentle with Greenleigh, but if she had the choice of being near Greenleigh or on the other side of the room, she is going to pick the latter every time.

But Hazeline?  That’s Madison’s BFF.  I catch them cuddling like this all. the. time.  It doesn’t matter how much Hazeline pulls her tail, grabs at her face, or attempts to teeth on her, Madison won’t leave her side.  It’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Greenleigh better hope she is never in a situation where Madison can save only one of them.