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12 in 2012

Over the past few days I have seen several bloggers post resolutions.  Thing is, I’m not really a New Years Resolution kinda girl.  I stick to them for about a while, but eventually, they are forgotten.  They are always abstract to me.  Yesterday I saw one of my favorite bloggers, list her 12 things to do in 2012.  Now, that is something I can get behind.  It’s more of a to-do list than a resolution.  A list to check off.  Okay, I like that.  I started to imagine my own to-do list, and decided I should post it here.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post updates from time to time to hold myself accountable.  So here they are, in no particular order.

1.  Get Greenleigh potty-trained.  This might happen sooner rather than later.  Her pre-school is determined to have her potty-trained in the next month.  I’m a little nervous (for all of us).

2.  Finish the grandparent’s Christmas Valentine’s gifts.  Eeek.  I wish I didn’t even have to type that one out.  Last year I made each of the grandparents a photobook from Shutterfly containing pictures of Greenleigh in 2010.  I made sure that each grandparent’s gift was different, with special pictures of them with Greenleigh.  They took forever, but they were worth it; the grandparents loved them and still proudly display them.  This Christmas, I really dropped the ball.  As his parents opened their presents, Erajh looked at me and said, “What about the photobooks?”  Ummm.  Yeah.  They are still waiting to be made.  I have to get this done.  What was originally supposed to be a Christmas gift has now become a Valentine’s gift.

3.  Go on vacation with my husband.  I would love a chance to go some place with just my husband.  Our relationship sometimes get lost while we are busy being parents.  Family vacations are a lot of fun, but I would love a chance to relax and spend time with just him.  You know, so we can talk about the kids, buy stuff for the kids, do our impressions of the kids…

4.  Get more sleep.  This needs to happen.  I’m getting less and less sleep and my days are only getting more demanding now that I am (literally) chasing two moving targets.  I am exhausted all the time.  Problem is, I’m most productive in the evenings after the kids go to sleep and it’s easy to get on a roll and forget that I need to go to bed, like, 2 hours ago.  For now, I’m trying to be in bed by 11pm and have the lights out by 11:30pm on “school nights”.  This is going to require some modification, but it’s a start.

5.  Be a little cleaner.  After having Hazeline, we asked the very nice lady who cleans our house to come once a week instead of once every two weeks.  Even after making that adjustment, I still worry every Wednesday (the day she comes to clean) that I’m going to come home to her key left on our kitchen table and a note scribbled beside it that says, “I just can’t take it anymore.  Find someone else.”  Luckily, this has not happened yet, but it might if things don’t change.  My husband has vowed to help me on this one, because it is definitely more than a one person job.

6.  Cook at home a minimum of 3 nights per week.  I am the queen of take out.  I like to cook, but it’s much easier to order out.  And Erajh isn’t particularly fond of weekly menu plans.  So, I’m going to try to cook dinner at home 3-4 nights a week this year based on a floating menu plan (buy all the ingredients for 3-4 meals per week at the beginning of the week, and let him decide which meal he actually wants on the day of).  It doesn’t sound difficult, but trust me, it will be.

7.  Stop comparing myself to everyone else’s highlight reel.  Enough said.

8.  Help a family in need.  Last year I wanted to adopt a family for the holidays through a local program, but didn’t actually do it.  This year it’s a must.

9.  Move.  As much as I hate even the mere thought of this one, after 5 years in our place (that we outgrew 2 years ago), it’s time to move.  I started looking at houses last year, but became overwhelmed.  This is our year to move, whether I like it or not.

10.  Start and finish Hazeline’s first year scrapbook.  Just before Greenleigh’s 1st birthday, I put together a scrapbook documenting her first year.  A few weeks ago, I pulled out the scrapbook and loved looking at the pages.  I haven’t even started Hazeline’s, and it is doubtful that I will have it done in time for her 1st birthday, but I have to do one for her.

11.  Learn how to use my camera.  My husband bought me a nice camera for Christmas, but I haven’t had the time to learn all of its features.  I will learn how to use it this year!

12.  Throw my mom an awesome retirement party.  After decades of teaching, my mom is finally retiring.  Erajh had the idea to throw her a retirement party, and my sister and I loved it.  We have already started working on some of the details, but there’s a ton more work to be done.  I can’t wait for this one.

So there it is, my 12 to do in 2012.  Do you have a 12 in 2012?  What’s on your list?