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Fresh, Fun, Fashion: Taylor Joelle Designs {Review & Giveaway}

I have an addiction to baby and toddler clothes.  I can find just about any reason to shop for them.  I shop for my kids ten times more than I shop for myself, maybe more.  So while I may not have bought myself a new outfit in I-don’t-know-how-long, my kids got new clothes last week.  And probably the week before that.  Maybe even the week before that.  You get the idea.  If my husband knew exactly what I spent on clothes for our kids he would not be happy.  And he reads my blog, so no, I’m not going to divulge that number or anything close to it right now.  But cute clothes are a perk of having little girls.  Sure, Greenleigh has her own sense of style and some of the items I pick out get vetoed, but Hazeline is perfectly content in just about anything I put her in.  And I do love to dress her up.  So when Taylor Joelle Designs sent me this adorable purple rosette onesie and leg warmers set, I couldn’t wait to put it on her.

I’ve actually been a fan of Taylor Joelle Designs for a while now.  When Greenleigh was about 6 months old, I purchased two pairs of Taylor Joelle shoes for her.  I loved them from the minute I saw them on the website, and they were even better when they arrived in the mail.  The shoes were used and loved until she outgrew them.  I was a little sad the day that I could no longer get them on her chubby little feet.  Normally, we throw out shoes once Greenleigh is finished with them, but I just couldn’t bear to part with them (and they were still in great shape), so I packed them up with all the other baby clothes and Hazeline got to wear them for a month or two.  Unfortunately, she has ginormous feet so they didn’t last longer than that, but I’m thrilled that she got a chance to wear them for any length of time.

Much like the beloved shoes, this onesie set is definitely one of our new favorites.  The onesie is made of soft, thick cotton.  So many times I buy onesies, only to get them out of the package and find that they are flimsy and thin, but not this one.  The lavender rosettes are a beautiful contrast to the dark purple onesie and give the onesie set the perfect amount of decoration.  And unlike so many other legwarmer sets I’ve tried on her, these actually say up!  The whole outfit is just adorable and we couldn’t be happier with it.  And have I ever told you how much I love purple?  Because it’s no doubt my favorite color.  

But this is only one of so many stylish clothing options offered by Taylor Joelle Designs – They have rompers, dresses, ties, hats, tops, tights, and so much more!  You can order on their website 24/7, and your order is shipped within 1-2 days, so it gets to you quickly.  They even deeply discount one item per week as their “hot buy” and offer exclusive discount codes to their Facebook fans for non-hot buy purchases.  Shopping at a discount is the best.

Want to do a little shopping of your own?  Great, because the nice people at Taylor Joelle have offered one luck reader a $25 gift certificate!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!
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